Navigate the site using the links above. Links to the original articles and videos, along with their comments, can be found in the Comment Sources section. Graphs and charts analyzing the collected data can be found in the Analysis section. Under the Hood goes into detail about the XML and other coding techniques we used to gather, organize, and display our data. Our conclusions and closing remarks can be found in the Conclusions section.

Youtube Comment Analysis Project


Welcome to the Youtube Comment Analysis Project homepage! For this project, we took ten Youtube videos and ten news articles and compared the top ten comments from each. Hopefully we will discover how the comments are similar and different between a "reputable" comment feed like NBC News and something less formal like Youtube. We will also be looking at the positivity vs. negativity in the tone of the comments to see how true the common assumption that all Youtube videos are negative, profanity-laden filth actually is.

The site seeks to analyze 200 comments and measure a variety of markers to help paint a picture of the average Youtube comment one might find on a popular video such as PSY's Gangnam Style as well as the average comment found in a typical news article as seen on such news outlets as NBC's news site. Such things as the amount of profanity used, the level of grammatical correctness, and the overall tone and subject of the comments will be measured, among others. The goal is to use XML markup to collect, chart and display our findings in an easy-to-read, and hopefully illuminating way. Who will win in a battle of comment courtesy? Browse the site to find out!